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How to use the hair dryer diffuser correctly?

Because of its atypical shape, the hair dryer's diffuser head brings more questions than information. However, it is essential for your curls and very practical, regardless of your hair type. Here's how to use this clever accessory.

It is a circular nozzle with spikes that fits into the tip of the dryer, although it may look like a funnel depending on the model. This great ally of your hairstyle can be used very easily with both short hair and XXL hair.

What is it for?

Thanks to its shape, the diffuser distributes the heat evenly to protect the hair fiber from the flow of the dryer, making it the perfect accessory if your hair is damaged. In addition, its tines lift the roots to add volume and separate the strands to create more density. All in all, a real boon for manes that lack volume.

● On curly, frizzy or wavy hair: tames unruly locks and preserves curl definition. Dry your mane avoiding frizz and without loosening the curls, and get a perfect result.

● On fine, tame or straight hair: dries naturally, adds volume and creates a wavy effect.

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