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Staying Natural & How to Do it!

Updated: May 3, 2022

Being natural is no easy task is it?

Learning all of the lingo and keeping up with all the latest hairstyles can be frustrating. Not to mention becoming a product junkie!! That's definitely a biggie for me. Going back to your natural curls is also a shock...when's the last time you've ever seen your natural hair and remember the texture. Like most of us who grew up with the infamous hot comb and grease method as kids is all we remember.(OUch!) Understanding what this new texture likes and dislikes is key. Learning your hair takes time, so be patient. Refer to our Guide on Natural Hair for assistance on your journey if newly natural or experienced .

Washing your hair is vital to hair growth and scalp care. No matter what!

Try to keep things simple and come up with a plan for your hair.

Continue to make your visits to your salon for frequent trims, shampoo & hydration. Just because your natural, doesn't mean that you should neglect going to a hair stylist. Preferably someone who is skilled in hair health and not so much as "tight styling".

Remember that it's not all about length but overall health. I know that looking at all those I.G models on instagram and pinterest can really get to you but learn your hair and nurture it. In time our hair will flourish. Trust the process.

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