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Introducing our Hydra-Prep Leave in Conditioner, the perfect addition to your natural haircare routine. Formulated with natural ingredients, this leave in conditioner is a great humectant, meaning it helps your hair to retain moisture and stay hydrated. It also offers incredible slippage, making detangling and styling a breeze. With regular use, you will notice softer, smoother, and more manageable hair. Say goodbye to dry, unruly locks and hello to nourished, healthy hair with our Hydra-Prep Leave in Conditioner.

Hydra-Prep Leave in Conditioner 8oz


  • Directions:This leave-in conditioning agent can be used to put moisture back into the hair. Wet hair. Section and apply Hydra-Prep to each section before styling.

    Purified Aloe Vera Juice,Coconut OIl, Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetearyl Alcohol(Emulsifier derived from Culza Plant), Vegetable Glycerin, Raw Shea Butter,Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Daikon Seed Oil(For Slip and Moisture),Silk Amino Acid(Strengthens Hair), Pro. Vitamin B,Essent. Oils of Peppermint Rosemary Tea Tree, Vitamin B&E, Optiphen Plus, (Fragrance OIl).

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