•  Curl Lust Smoothie 



    Curl Lust Smoothie is great for defining your curls for your day to day wash & Go's. This product has amazing slippage and is infused with aloe to create moisture without drying out your curls (How Else can we talk about it that makes it a great product to use for any styling results). If your looking for a great defining hair product that gives a slight hold with a shine that helps separate your curls for a more sleek look, then Curl Lust Hair Smoothie can help. This product is formulated to also help treat damaged and lifeless curls with enriching oils, such as Babassu, Avocado and Rice bran oils.

    Best Uses and other SISTERLY LUV product result enhancer:

    Can be used every day to help define dry curls.

    How to Apply: This product works best on wet hair. Part the hair in sections and apply the product with your fingers or a Denman brush.

     FAQ: Curl Lust hair Smoothie can be used on all textures of curly hair. 

  •  Moisture Hair Cream 



    Thirsty For Moisture restores dryness. This product contains an anti-friction agent that enables you to manoeuvre throughout the hair with minimal breakage. Thirsty for moisture can be used dually as a leave-in and everyday moisturizing agent. This curly hair product contains rich ingredients that are great for either natural, relaxed or transitioning hair.

    Best Uses and other SISTERLY LUV product result enhancer:

    Thirsty for Moisture can be used for twists outs, braid outs, detangler, finger coils and wash n go's.

    How to Apply: Wet hair, then apply to each section, while gently detangling, then style as desired.

     FAQ: Has great slippage. 

  •  Curl Whip 



    Sleek your hair into shape with our Curl Whip. Behold! A moisturizing styling agent that is rich in butter and oils and can help leave your twist/braid outs very defined; great for 4c hair types and can also be used to retwist locs. Oil-Based. Keep in a cool place and a little goes a long way with this product. Great to apply to brittle ends.

    Best Uses and other SISTERLY LUV product result enhancer:

    If you like oil-based products, this will definitely give your curls a boost of confidence.

    How to Apply: Add to damp or semi wet hair for best results. Apply to ends of the hair, while working your way up the hair shaft. Style as desired.

     FAQ: Helps to soften hair and combat dry brittle ends on thick kinky curly hair. 

  •  Natural Hair Remedy Spray 



    This spray is a herbal hair replenisher. A truly effective moisture and shine treatment that immediately strengthens hair with the essential nutrients needed to prepare hair for styling by being all things to all hair.

    How to Apply: Apply to semi wet, damp or dry hair as a replenishing refresher to your hair. Style with your product of choice.

     FAQ: This product also can be used on protective styles ro prevent breakage and dryness. 


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