Taking care of curls 

one strand at a time

Through the creation of wonderful, curly hair approved products.

Organic and Handcrafted Treatments for All Natural Curly Hair Types



SISTERLY LUV is a company dedicated to developing natural hair care products based upon a wide variety of curly hair care needs.


Our philosophy is derived from combining decades-old wisdom rich in botanical, herbal and floral treatments with modern ingredients and formulations.


We bring a range of products that address your curly hair care needs. We are proud to bring you the highest level of integrity and value.


All of our organic natural hair care products are curly girl method approved and also reflect our ongoing efforts to preserve the earth's natural resources by being environmentally friendly.



Curl Lust Smoothie

Moisture Hair Cream

Curl Whip

Natural Hair Remedy Spray



Hey! I'm obsessed with the Thirsty for Moisture treatment! I use it on almost every braidout. I love the smell and the consistency of the product!

* Results may vary based on hair type, the dosage used and other factors.



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